Privacy statement


hoe! b.v. is located at the Sophialaan 1 in 8939 AE Leeuwarden. hoe! collects (your) personal data in accordance with the law and is Controller within the meaning of the General Data Processing Regulation (AVG). Insofar as third parties are engaged for the processing of data, processor agreements are concluded as required by the AVG.

Gathering information about individuals?

hoe! collects personal data from visitors and users of this website and / or Learning platform. Information is collected during all visits to this website and Learning platform. The information is kept for as long as necessary and permitted by law.

Why collect information?

hoe! collects and processes data for the performance of its services such as personal development, career guidance and advice, in the broadest sense of the word. In the collection and processing of data, the interests of the person whose data belong is carefully considered.

In certain cases, hoe! - where possible - request permission from the person from whom the data is collected. Persons under the age of 16 require permission from parents or legal representatives.

Based on processed data hoe! it can promote and offer its services to its business relations and conclude and execute contracts for contracts

When to collect

hoe! collects information when this website and / or learning platform is visited and / or the visitor registers, creates an account, enters data and / or leaves it in another way. In addition, hoe! by implecation collects data:

a) from social media, only if we think for good reasons that candidates are interested in work.

b) of specified reference contact persons

c) from clients, where candidates have been offered or where persons work or have worked,

who share personal information about you with us or who register you for our services if this

is part of or ensues from our agreements;

d) from suppliers in the context of borrowing and on-loan, whereby the supplier informs the

person concerned and refers to the privacy statement.

If hoe! has good reason to think that candidates are interested in being approached for a

course, candidates will be approached for registration and / or with the question whether they

would like to use the services of hoe! If a candidate is not interested, hoe! take that into


What data is collected

hoe! collects anonymous information about users of this website and learning platform. hoe! uses cookies and analytics to improve this website and learning platform.

When information is provided, by filling in a form or by registering in which an account is created, the information provided by hoe! processed.

Use of Information

Collected information is used to approach candidates, freelancers, flex workers, employees of suppliers, participants of customers or other persons for interest in the service of hoe!

Sharing information, with whom

Hoe! can share your personal data with subcontractors and / or suppliers (such as data processors) who for or on behalf of hoe! provide services or carry out assignments, only insofar as these parties need the personal data for the correct performance of work. In addition, hoe! can share information with:

a) third parties such as service providers who perform functions on behalf of hoe! perform work (including test, training and / or exam institutes, parties that conduct customer satisfaction measurements, e.g. for quality marks and certifications, external consultants, business partners and professional advisers such as lawyers, auditors, technical support functions and IT consultants)
b) clients for whom candidates can be proposed / people are going to work or already work,
c) clients of hoe! for the benefit of persons career guidance, coaching, mediation for care,
d) persons and / or organizations that can provide references or provide information at the request of candidates and / or employees, such as current, former or prospective employers, trainers, examining institutes and employment agencies;
e) third parties to hoe! provides data, only with explicit consent, or shares data with it on request in connection with data portability;
f) pension fund, if applicable;
g) government agencies and other agencies (such as subsidy providers) hoe! is obliged or entitled to do so. hoe! can be obliged to provide personal data to third parties on the basis of a court order or a court judgment.
Personal data can be transferred or stored outside the Netherlands, provided it is adequately protected.

Requests to hoe!

Persons of whom hoe! processed data, have the right to (on request and after establishing identity):

a) access to personal data;
b) rectification of personal data;
c) deletion of personal data;
d) restriction of processing of personal data;
e) restriction or objection to the processing of the personal data
f) transfer of data,

unless this is not permitted on the basis of a legal obligation.


Consent can be withdrawn or processing of data can be refused:

a) by unsubscribing from receiving information for news messages, events, alerts or other messages via the unsubscribe option in received emails;
b) by preventing cookies from being placed in browser settings or by changing cookie settings or deleting cookies;
c) by contact with hoe! to include for changes that cannot be made yourself.For questions, comments, complaints or (suspicion) of a data leak, please contact hoe! via the contact option on this website.

Data protection

hoe! ensures the protection of personal data and makes an effort to optimally protect personal data.

Users of this website are themselves responsible for the security of their own computer equipment and / or telephone and / or internet  connection. Sending personal data through the internet is at your own risk.

Statement, changes

This statement can be done by hoe! at all times - at your discretion of hoe! - supplemented and / or amended. The version shown on this website applies.